Coming to Winchester and wondering what to do? Or maybe you’re planning on going somewhere, but don’t know where yet. Either way, here’s why we at The Winchester Royal Hotel think Winchester is a great place to go.

Winchester Cathedral

There’s no doubting that this has to be top of the list! Winchester Cathedral is simply stunning and we defy anybody who can’t sit and lose yourself in its stunning Norman architecture.

We’re not going to give you a lesson of yesteryear, but it’s had a pretty illustrious history. It is where King Canute and William II were buried, Henry III was baptised, and where Mary Tudor married Philip of Spain. For the booklovers out there, it is also Jane Austen’s final resting place.

If you’re not afraid of heights, or don’t simply detest steps, the views from the Tower give an incredible view of the city.

City Landmarks

A bronze statue of the iconic Alfred the Great, the most famous King of Wessex, is located at the end of The Broadway and is most definitely worth visiting.

If you’re walking down the High Street, you’ll struggle to miss the City Cross, also known as Butter Cross. It dates back to the 15th century and features statues of the Virgin Mary, saints and various historical figures.

Spend any time walking in Winchester and you’ll see plenty more.

Marwell Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? Less than eight miles from Winchester is the simply brilliant Marwell Zoo.

The 140-acre wildlife park is home to 134 different species and nearly 2,000 animals. Certainly one to keep the kids (or even the big kids!) happy for a while.

Theatre Royal Winchester

It’s got royal in the name – it must be good, surely?

Starting out as a hotel before being turned into a theatre in 1914, the Theatre Royal Winchester is a 400-seat theatre featuring a programme of drama, music, dance, comedy and pantomime.

Winchester Science Centre & Planetarium

For anyone who said learning can’t be fun, they need to visit the Winchester Science Museum.

A truly great day out – without or without the kids. From the moment you turn up, you’ll be amazed – it’s housed in a big white pyramid for starters.

Adding the planetarium and some truly stunning, cinema-quality films, you won’t be disappointed.

Winchester City Mill

There aren’t many fully functional watermills in the UK, and the Winchester City Mill is one of the oldest too. It’s more than a thousand years old and was restored back to fully working order as recently as 2004.

There are a range of activities and audio-visual displays, as well as regular demonstrations. We’d recommend visiting on a Saturday or Sunday when the flour milling demonstrations take place.

The Great Hall

One of the oldest remains in the whole of Winchester and the only remains of the iconic Winchester Castle.

The castle is famous as being built by William the Conqueror, but The Great Hall is possibly better known for housing one of the greatest symbol of medieval mythology, King Arthur’s Round Table.

As with many of the great sites in Winchester, it is just a short walk from the Winchester Royal Hotel.


You can’t go on a city break without visiting a museum, surely?

Well, Winchester has an abundance of them, but we’d point you in the direction of the Winchester City Museum or the Winchester Military Museum.

The City Museum is just a three-minute walk of the hotel and showcases the fascinating history of this great city.

Meanwhile, the Winchester Military Museum, or should we say museums – there are six of them, all located on the same site – offer an incredibly broad experience. Combine this with a trip to The Great Hall, due to their close proximity.


While the High Street is full of charm and great shops, make sure you look down the alleyways and squares running off the main thoroughfare.

There are some really fascinating finds if you go off the beaten track. We recommend Parchment Street, which backs onto The Winchester Royal Hotel, and College Street.

Afternoon Tea at The Winchester Royal Hotel

Last but by no means least, there’s this cracking hotel that does the best Afternoon Tea in the whole of Winchester. It also does the best dinners, best cocktails, best… I think you get the point.

Come on, you didn’t think we’d send you round the whole of Winchester without recommending you pay us a visit?

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