Rafal Slawinski has been named as the Winchester Royal Hotel’s Employee of the Month for September.

A highly valued and long-serving member of the hotel’s kitchen team, the Chef de Partie earns his second Employee of the Month award after being named the winner just over a year ago.

Very similarly to last year, Rafal was praised for his fantastic work ethic and willingness to help his team out with covering shifts, working extra hours, all done with a smile on his face.

Louis Rigney, General Manager of the Winchester Royal Hotel, was full of praise for Rafal. He said: “Rafal is a fantastic person and an incredible employee to have in our team.

“Not only does he do a great job in the kitchen, his willingness to help colleagues out and work hard are fantastic attributes to have. Plus, he does it all with a positive outlook and a smile on his face – just another reason why he’s such a great person to have around the hotel.

“There’s been a bit of a trend of repeat winners lately and while I do try and spread the recognition around, it’s actually testament to the fact that our turnover of staff is low. The core members of our team have been with us for quite a while now, so it’s a challenge to any new members of staff to match the high standards that have been set.”

Congratulations to Rafal from everyone at the Winchester Royal Hotel. He’s pictured below with General Manager, Louis Rigney.

Rafal Slawinski, September's Employee of the Month
Rafal Slawinski (left) and Louis Rigney (right)